A Football Life at Execuprint

(The Story of a Job)

This year football season started earlier than expected for us at Execuprint. We took on a project that challenged our capabilities but later proved our abilities as we successfully fulfilled one of our largest projects to date. Shrink wrapped pallets of individual store kits lined every yard of our warehouse like a towering championship offensive line. Our team coordinated the production of printed material from 20 different substrates that were printed around the clock on three of our industry standard machines. Our task was to print from client artwork in store items that would eventually be on display at busy local supermarkets.


Each department played a crucial role in tackling what seemed to be an undefeatable giant but with preparation we devised a game plan that helped us rise to this surmountable challenge of delivering die cut checkstand monitor frames, wide format banners, printed break room posters and multiple versioned blade signs, with accompaning hardware and adhesive

to make it all stick.


If we identified each team leader as a football player our Prepress Technician would be our kicker/punter. It all starts in Prepress where each file is carefully analyzed, prepared on print, and handed on to a specialist at our Chatsworth, California location. Our quarterback, also known as our Color Manager in Wide Format led the charge of maintaining the consistency of corporate colors for all printed pieces in this recent multiple supermarket campaign. In printing for 345 store locations, we understood the importance of color matching throughout our various in-house printing formats. Our Digital Department printed thousands of double-sided flyers, all color corrected to match specific NFL team colors. The 5-color Pressroom was responsible for printing CMYK bi-folded brochures that were later cut to exact measurements and packaged in our Fulfillment Department according to client specifications.


Our Wide Format team had to huddle up and create a solution for a 6-ft. standing display that would enable a rushing fullback cut out to stand up, encouraging any grocery shopper to tackle snacks on aisle 10.


This month-long project took place before the first NFL kick off and for us, it was a monumental opportunity to make others look great. We had our share of bumps and bruises but nothing a pizza party could not resolve once everything was quality checked, labeled, packaged and shipped to awaiting Store Managers throughout the state.


There is nothing more fulfilling than walking into a supermarket, and seeing first hand prominently on display, the very work we produced. We will never become the athletes that we print but we are proud to work hard and make others look great in any arena.




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